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Is it possible to have fully configurable model by a macro?

Question asked by Lukasz Stanislawski on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Lukasz Stanislawski

I have never used the macros but It appears to be helpful in what I want to achieve. I just need to know whether it is possible or not. If this cannot be done by macros, how then?



I have a model of a window with a curtain. The curtain can be from 100mm to 1000mm wide and 100mm to 1000mm high. The increments are 1mm both in width and height. For example: 300x400mm or 356x753mm. It gives us acctually around 810k sizes combinations (900x900).


Rather than creating 810k configurations I just want to type in the values and model updates based on the input.


Second problem is that the window has a curtain which is 100mm high. It means every 100mm height change we need to add another curtain blade. Curtain blades can change in length from 100mm to 1000mm accordingly as well. Quick sketch below showing the change of width/height with adaptive curtain size.



Is this possible to do in Solidworks with use of macros or anything else?