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Change Transparency not saving properly

Question asked by Bas Vandeursen on Feb 5, 2019

The button Change Transparency doesn't flag a Display State as needed to be saved. This means that if you change the transparency of a part, you won't see an asteriks appear on the top bar and you will not be asked to save when you close the file. Even worse, if you change the transparency of a part (and don't change anything else), then switch to a different display state, save the assembly, close/open the assembly, your changes will be gone.


This only applies to the Change Transparency button. If you manually set the transparency (appearance/advanced/illumination) to 0,75, or perform other changes, it will save properly.


Anyone knows of a decent workaround or workflow that might work for having multiple Display States in which I want to make parts transparent? My first thought was writing a macro that loops through all the Display States and saves them while they're active, which I would have to run every time before closing the file.


I'm on SW2017 SP4.1