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Importing a Parasolid with an ellipse feature fails

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Brian Stoddard

Has anyone had this problem??  I exported a file from Creo as a Parasolid and tried importing it into Solidworks. If there is an ellipse features, it will not allow that Parasolid to import.  I get a "Data Invalid" error.  I thought it was because of where it was place in relation to the other features in my model.  However, I created a single feature of just an ellipse in a new part.  Same thing happens.  Don't know how to get around this.


The problem originated because the original file didn't export properly as a STP file without changing the accuracy of the part slightly.  I was told by our VAR that Solidworks is based of the same kernel platform as a Parasolid so exporting it that way would have been preferred.


Using SW 2017