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Drawings Dropping Data Card Variables

Question asked by Dan Harlan on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Dan Harlan

We are seeing some of our drawing "loosing" various data card variables when the data cards are being modified by users. PDM Pro 2016


Specifically, we have part and assembly marking and finish notes handled by values in the data card ("Part Marking Method", "Part Marking Height", Part Marking Material"...) These are then called out in the drawing like:

...     METHOD"$PRPSHEET:"Part Marking Type"", HGT "$PRPSHEET:"Part Marking Height"" MIN, USING "$PRPSHEET:"Part Marking Material"" LOCATE ...


Looking at the data card for two versions of this, the first (ver 8) shows the variables present and the 'Preview' is filled in (This is same as what's shown on the drawing). But then the next version (ver 9) which has not been opened in SW, only checked out in PDM View and the data card edited (different fields) the data card still shows the variables, but the Preview in the data  card and the drawing no longer show the correct values. (They just show the variable names or is completely blank.)


Any ideas what might be happening? r how to figure it out?