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Pack and go question

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Alex Lachance

I'm having a little trouble this morning with the program I use to generate my properties. That program is also used to name my files correctly and to do my Pack and Go. Unfortunately it doesn't work this morning so I have to find a work around for now. Here's a brief explanation of the way I work. I use custom properties to generate my part names and to sort my parts also.

The way I work is there are 3 properties to populate the part name and parts are classified in 2 distinct categories, product parts and project parts. Project parts have the project number before the part name and number and product parts are simple part names with numbers.I then use an increment to give the part number.

When you look at the properties there's something like this:

Category: Project

Project : 12345

PartClass: ACCE

PartIncrement: 123

PartNumber : 12345-ACCE-123

ProductName : ACCE-123 (This property is neglected because of the category ''Project''


I was wondering if there was a way to do a pack and go of an assembly and have a specific property change to whatever I want it to when it sees ''Project'' in the property ''Category''. If I could at least search through specific properties and then use the ''Select/Replace'' filter from the pack and go that would be a perfect work around for now.