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(HoverRite) Right click (for a context menu) by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse.

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Feb 3, 2019



For ease in using the mouse, or to help keep from bumping your drawing's presentation, use the HoverRite function of the HoverDubl utility located here:

[Updated] (HoverDubl utility) Double-click by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse (no "bumping" the note). Single & right click (others), too.


You place the cursor over the entity and use the keyboard instead, to right click and display the entity's context menu (if it has one).

Because the keyboard is used instead of the mouse, the entity is never "touched" so it can never be bumped.


HoverRite is just one of nine HoverDubl functions.

All is explained more thoroughly at the link above.


I hope this helps.