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[Updated] (HoverDubl utility) Double-click by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse (no "bumping" the note). Single & right click (others), too.

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Feb 3, 2019
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Update 10/18/2019: V1.02 Fixed various minor anomalies. F9 no longer used for HoverSloMo.


Update 02/26/2019: V1.01 Fixed F8 enable menu and syncing of F9 enable menu with its enable submenu.

New "HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V101.exe" attached (was "HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V100.exe").

Delete the existing V1.00 Hov

erDubl exe then run "HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V101.exe".

Your existing ini file will not be overwritten.




Last year there was post about alternate methods of editing a note instead of double clicking it.

The poster was having mouse difficulties and was bumping his notes as he tried to double click them, ruining his drawing presentation.


From this, the attached HoverDubl was born.

As its name implies, you hover over the entity and by keyboard, not the mouse, you double click it. The entity is never "touched" so it can never be "bumped".


Since the software does the double click, you no longer need to maintain a fast enough double click pace to avoid a click-pause-click rename.


Primarily written for persons having mouse difficulties, for whatever the reason, even if it's just the sands of time grinding away the containers of our souls.

HoverDubl can be used by anyone, especially when you don't want to chance "bumping" your drawing's presentation.


Feature creep crept in and one function blossomed into nine:

  • HoverKlik (single-click)
  • HoverDubl (double click)
  • HoverRite (right click)
  • HoverTripl (triple click)
  • HoverShiftSelect (shift selection)
  • HoverCtrlSelect (ctrl selection)
  • HoverDrag (drag move/copy)
  • HoverDynaDrag (dynamic drag move/copy)
  • HoverSloMo (temporarily slows your mouse cursor for finer selection)


You're still able to physically click if you want to.

HoverDubl simply offers a keyboard alternative.


These don't just work for SolidWorks. They can be used for any program, including Windows itself.


No modifications are made to your system to use these functions.


Copy the attached “HoverDubl Dubl Function Keys Setup V100.exe” to a folder of your choice.

Always copy this file to your HoverDubl folder before running as files are extracted when this file runs:


This dialog displays if you click OK:


These files are extracted:



No modifications are made to your system when these are installed or when it runs.

To uninstall, delete the extracted files, the setup file and the folder.


The extracted PDF is the same as the one attached here.

It's here separately so you can read about the functions of HoverDubl to see if they may of use to you, or someone you know, before installing.

The attached setup exe is self-contained and is the only file required for distribution.


All nine HoverDubl functions are available when the utility runs, but each can be separately enabled or disabled.


I hope you find HoverDubl useful (to some extent).

Comments are most welcome.