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Automatic Rollback Feature

Question asked by 1-IFQW64 on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on May 19, 2009 by Brian Stoffel
Alright. Let me see if I can clearly define the problem. Let's say I have an assembly that has a plate with some M5 holes in it (we'll call this "Plate"). I have another part that has a pair of slots in it (we'll call this "Bracket") I relate the holes of Plate to the slots on Bracket. When I move Bracket, the M5 holes move with it. Everything is wonderful.

Then I move Bracket off the edge of Plate. I tell it to rebuild and it says that the M5 holes don't intersect the model. Fair enough. I move it back and rebuild. The M5 holes are back. Everything is wonderful.

But say I have more features on Plate. Say there are more holes (M4), or a fillet, or stepped-down pocket that I have something surface-mated to (we'll call this part "Block"). When I drag Bracket off of Plate, it rolls back ALL THE FEATURES of Plate right back to the M5 holes that no longer intersect the model. This is what I am referring to when I say "Automatic Rollback Feature." I then drag Bracket back on to Plate and the M5 holes reappear, but all the subsequent features are still rolled back. There are no other holes (M4), no fillet, no stepped down pocket. Block is now mated to a nonexistent surface and there's nothing in my assembly that points me to the cause of the problem. If I had holes in another part related to the holes in Plate that are rolled back, that part rolls back and the problem spreads like wildfire. Even something like adding or modifying a mate can initiate this rollback problem.

I considered that it's a bug, but everyone I've spoken to in person has this same issue.

As I recall, this "feature" didn't exist in SW2006 (didn't get to use SW2007, so I don't know). In the days of old, it would throw red flags everywhere and tell me where the problem was without doing anything to correct it or make it worse. I've checked the forums, I've checked the help. Is there ANY way to disable this functionality before it disables me?