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How best to simulate wire shelving w/o using solids?

Question asked by Jeffrey Model on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by Rich Fagioli

I'm working on a basic layout of a workshop which has a bunch of metro racks in it. It's a pretty simple model, but the wire shelves from the racks are modeled as solids and that is bringing the polygon count close to 2 million and Visualize is choking on the model as a result.


Is there a good way to replicate the shelves without using solids? I see there are some mesh appearances available in the cloud. Is there something along those lines which I could use?


I don't think I'm running into a hardware limit as the CPU mostly sits under 20% utilization, Visualize doesn't seem to grab much more than 20GB of RAM, and my SSD sits idle. I just get the spinning ring for 20 minutes while Visualize tries to open the file.



It actually gets hung up at significantly under the utilization mentioned above. Here it is hung up trying to save the model immediately after I opened the SW native: