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    Error Message

    David Deyongh
      While running and FEA analysis on a chute I am receiving the following error message:

      PCG iterative solver stopped
      may not have adequate restraints
      No results saved

      I have tried several restraint setups and all end up giving me that same error message. Does anyone know what this error message is for?

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          Ameer Chilakala

          this is due to insufficient boundary conditions. Make sure that if it is a part, while modeling the select the merge option i.e. all bodies has to be merge. if it is an assembly, make sure that all the part are touching i.e. use bonded contact between them. if you modelling as a shell mesh, which surfaces are you selected for defining the thickness, on the same surfaces you need to apply the loading and boundary conditions.

          i hope it may solve your problem.
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            That one has stalled me a couple of times. Somewhere, Somehow there is a body that Simulation doesn't think is restrained sufficiently to stay in place with the applied force. Unfortunately if you're working in an assembly with many parts you have no idea which one or which way it is not adequately restrained.

            If I can't guess which body it is I've ended up temporarily suppress bodies until I can get it to work. Once you figure out which body it is make sure it is properly constrained.
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              One thing you can do is to turn on "Use soft springs to stabilize model" in the properties of the study. This should allow the study to solve. You can then look at the results and see which part has moved away from others. This is the part that does not have contact elements as thought.