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Why am I seeing outlines of parts behind thin parts?

Question asked by Michael Stone on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Mike Moore

In technical Illustration Mode (or any other mode with outlines), I get phantom lines depending on my zoom level.


In the model, this is a sheet metal panel, only 1mm thick, and the lines you are seeing are from the welded ribs or attached parts behind it. In short, solid bodies are flush with the back wall of the visible panel. Any ideas how to get rid of this behavior? I've made sure my opacity is at 255 for the front panel, I've made the outline width of the rear parts 0.00 and played with the minimum angle slider.


As shown, it goes away for detailed views, but whenever I want to get a shot of the whole model, it gives me this all over the place! Note, the thicker parts do not display this behavior...