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(HoverSloMo) Reduce your mouse speed (5-95%) by pressing Ctrl+Alt for precision selections (100% on Ctrl+Alt release).

Question asked by Kevin Chandler on Feb 4, 2019



In an attempt to help with selection situations such as the one in this post edge selection sensitity , I created HoverSloMo.


It allows you to temporarily reduce your mouse speed, to 5-95% of your regular mouse speed, to make it easier to make precise selections.

Since you have to move your mouse more for a given cursor movement, you don't need to kick in the tenser wrist motor movements.


Press and hold Ctrl+Alt together when you need speed reduction. Release these keys and your back to 100%.


You select the speed reduction percentage that suits your needs.

This is the adjustment dialog:

It's partially grayed until you select a new percentage by dragging the slider.

Then you can click the Test button (and Save too). While testing, the mouse will be at the new HoverSloMo speed indicated.


Running HoverSloMo makes it active, in a ready state, waiting for the Ctrl++Alt key press.
When active, this little dialog displays as an indicator:



It doesn't do anything other than to remind you HoverSloMo is at the ready.
The static progress bar indicates your speed reduction percentage (25% in this case).

You can optionally choose not to display this when HoverSloMo is active.

You can relocate it out of your way.

Right click its progress bar to display its context menu and select "Save HoverSloMo Position" to save the new position for next time:

The other menu displays the percentage dialog above. This menu choice is the same as the HoverSloMo options on the main menu:

"Enable" turns off HoverSlo completely.

"Display HoverSloMo is Active" is the menu that sets whether the little dialog displays.

Since you may want to have HoverSloMo at the ready when you start its parent utility, HoverDubl (HoverSloMo is one of 9 HoverDubl functions), you can select the option "HoverSloMo Active on Startup".

"Adjust HoverSloMo Speed" is the same menu as the context menu item above.


As it says above, HoveRSloMo is part of the HoverDubl utility.

For more info and files, see:

[Updated] (HoverDubl utility) Double-click by keyboard instead of clicking the mouse (no "bumping" the note). Single & right click (others), too.


I hope this helps.




EDIT: To avoid losing your highlight once you've got your precision highlight, you can use one of the other HoverDubl functions to select it (HoverKlik) or right click it (HoverRite) without having to worry about bumping your mouse when you physically click.