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Can´t make a simple simulation work - newbie doubt

Question asked by Fernando Rossi on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Sadegh Fffff

Hey guys, I have to do a simple simulation in solidworks but can´t make it work!


What i'm trying to do: a simple handrail with 150kgf/m load, lenght 1,5m and 1,2m height.

I need to simulate just the "top tube" under load.

The vertical tube goes inside a slightly bigger tube of 350mm tall, working as a hinge...

So, to simulate this fixture, I added a splitline 350mm tall and made the bottom section as a hinge.

But doing by hand I got huge deviation on stress.


The top part in Solidworks is rated at 200MPa and "by hand" I only have 92 MPa.


L = 1,5m

F = 150 kgf /m

L = 150 x 1,5m = 225kfg * 9,80 N = 2205 N

Bend = 2205N * (150*0,5)cm = 165375 N*cm

Tube is 3,175cm ext and 2,575cm int, so W would be:

W = pi * (D^4 - d^4)/32*d = 1,78 cm3

L = Bend/W = 165375 N/1,78 = 92,77MPaSem título.jpgSem título2.jpg