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Pasting from Excel into Named BOM

Question asked by Scott Post on Feb 2, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2019 by Nadia Shea

For years we've used an external application for BOMs.  We implemented PDM Professional about a year ago and have finally made the decision to use Named BOMs instead of our old system.  I'm trying to work through the best way to add non-modeled parts.  For example, I've created a named BOM and need to add a couple dozen non-modeled parts (ethernet cables, labels, etc) and "right click->insert->row below" then typing in the various fields is painfully slow.  Is there a faster method, perhaps letting me type these things in Excel then cut and paste into the named BOM?


Or am I approaching it all wrong and there's a better way?  If I have more than a few non-modeled parts is it a better strategy to put them in an Excel file and attach that to the named BOM?