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Configurations using text

Question asked by Michael Paul on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by Michael Paul

is it possible to have a single extrude/cut feature that has some text be shared across multiple configurations but such that the actual text changes from configuration to configuration?


I have to mold my part number into my parts and on this particular part I have an insert (injection mold) making an area in the part different between two different configurations.  since I"m going to have two unique inserts, I'm just going to have the part number engraved into the insert for each part so I'll have my unique part number on each part.  typically we'd do this by engraving both part numbers on the tool and using a dial selector in the mold to indicate/point to the proper number.


at any rate, I can very easily just create two features that contain the part number and then turn on/off each one as appropriate for the proper configuration.  not a big deal.  but it got me wondering if I can use a single feature and change the text in the sketch automatically using the configurations.  it saves one feature and one sketch but more importantly, it saves me from having to locate two sketches in the same spot and it allows me to share text properties since it's a single sketch.


I've got a working solution right now using two unique features but I was curious if I could do it with one and after googling it I couldn't find a suitable solution.