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Rename Custom Properties On Import

Question asked by Joseph Rinek on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2019 by Joseph Rinek

Hi All,

Our company has 2018 PDM Pro and would prefer to have a standard set of custom properties for PDM variables. Some of these custom properties are not the same name as the legacy properties that will be imported.


Is there an action that can be run as part of the automatic "import" transition (dispatch, task, macro, etc.) that can RENAME a custom property to the one we will use in PDM, but keep the existing data? We do not want to delete the existing data or have an extra property added along with the old property. We would prefer to just swap the names.


Is this possible with any built in functions? I haven't used dispatch, so I am unaware whether it has the capability to do this. I have some decent VBA experience but none with SolidWorks API, so I guess I could try to write a task macro as a last resort that can be run as a transition action.