John Lhuillier

Don't ask again toggles

Discussion created by John Lhuillier on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2009 by Gerald Davis
Can we get a DON'T ASK AGAIN tick box on this dialog.
Also why does it seem like with every new release there are MORE mouse picks to do things than previous versions. Material addition is one place that extra mouse picks have been added. In 2008 you RMB the material line in the feature manager, pick the one you want and then hit enter or the check mark. In 2009 you have to RMB the material line, then pick the material, then pick APPLY then pick close. Then if you want the same material again do it all over or go thru the steps to add it to your favorite material. In 2008 it was added automatically to the list as a last used.

Too bad the programers at SW didn't actually have to use the program to be productive and make money with it. Perhaps they could see how useless most of the extra mouse picks tend to be.