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Using Speedpaks for drawings

Question asked by Alex Lachance on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

I'm contemplating the idea of using speedpaks to make lighter drawings for specific drawings we do.


We do drawings to do the striping layout and also explain where to put the stickers on the trailer. We set the views in Shaded with edges greyed out in order to have the stickers ''visual info'', it makes for much heavier drawings. I was thinking of using speedpaks to make it lighter but I'm having trouble right now as when I used the speedpak every one of my section seems to lose it's depth. The setting is still present in the view, I can see the depth set to 60 but when I look at the view it shows as if no depth was selected.


For example, if you look at ''Coupe H-H'', you will see the depth in the first screenshot(without speedpak) and in the second you will see the entire trailer(with speedpak)