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Hey there, i am facing problem with nonlinear static simulation.

Question asked by Krutarth Panchal on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Krutarth Panchal

Simulation stops at 50.9% and error message appears like this


Solution failure in the First Step may be due to:

1. Lack of adequate fixtures for one or more parts

2. Material properties may not be properly defined.

3. Load Increment may be too large or too small.

    (too small displacements -> convergence failure)

Contact convergence Difficulties:

1. A large initial interference -> Convergence failure

    Use forces or temperatures to reduce interference,

    at first. Then, gradually remove those loads.

2. You may consider switching source and target.

    (The larger, smoother surface is preferred for target)

3. Use mesh control for contact areas with course mesh.

4. Use surface to surface option.


and then


Solution failure in a Step>1, it could be due to:

The solution may be at a buckling or limit point, i.e.,

displacements grow large under constant forces. If so,

for force control or contact problems, this is the end

of solution (check out the response graphs).

The solver numerical difficulties:

1. For Plasticity models, raise: ETAN >Ex/100.

2. For Nitinol, or large strain plasticity, set:

    Maximum-Strain-Inc.=(or >)1. (0.01 defaults to 1.)



I am attaching files with this, if any one could help.