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ER to SPR Process

Question asked by Dave Laban on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

Just wondering if anyone from SW (or familiar with the matter) can provide a bit more insight in to the steps that occur between an ER being raised and it being converted in to an SPR?


My curiosity is mainly driven by the significant time discrepancies I'm seeing: I've had one ER take under 36 hours to be converted in to a new SPR, while I have others that were submitted over three weeks ago with no further communication.  Just seems quite a large variation to my mind.  Is it just down to whose inbox a particular ER ends up in? Or maybe the software sub-category that was selected?


As a follow-up, are SPR numbers generated sequentially?  I had 1115361 generated on Jan 11th, and 1115984 on Jan 16th.  That's a rate of about 125 per day.  If it's accurate, then suddenly the scope of the ER / SPR system then looks MASSIVE and difficulties in managing it become a bit more apparent.