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Pull Down Fields Sometimes Clearing

Question asked by Kassandra Williams on Jan 31, 2019



I am a PDM admin in my company and I am creating a new data card for Catalog Parts we order and need models for.  In my overall tube fittings tab, I have a tube fitting category pull down, tube fitting type pull down, and connection type pull down. Tube fitting category dictates the tube fitting type. Tube fitting type dictates the connection type. Depending on what is all chosen, various size lists are available in 2 additional pull downs. I have noticed that only one of the size pull down selection will clear if you chose a different connection type, but the connection type will not clear if you chose a new tube fitting type. It is actually preferred for these fields to clear if something that dictates it changes. The connection type not clearing is actually causing me problems. Can someone explain why some of these pull downs clear and why others don't. I have noticed this in other places but it hasn't really been a problem until now.