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Global Variables: Variable keeps stubbornly Constant

Question asked by Heikki Jalonen on Feb 1, 2019

Hi all again.  Another strange thing came across to me (no suprise anymore...).


SW2017, SP5, WIN7.


Creating a Sheetmetal Part, beginning from new empty part file.


First, using Equations Manager to create&set some variables; in order to be later shared between a couple of configurations within the part.


Then, making a simple rectangular sheet metal body (under Default configuration).


Then, adding Configurations LEFT and RIGHT, to represent mirror images of the part, the only desirable difference would be flange bending directions. 


Then, under LEFT conf, adding three Edge Flanges.  Configure feature.  Under RIGHT, repeat.  In this case, there was three flanges needed per part.  And a definite need to later fine adjust the flange dimensions (in order to adapt the part to fit stock sheet dimensions, happens in real life tinshop every now and then...).


Now, I have never found Edge Flange bend direction to be configurable - the only way I know is to Suppress the entire feature under one Configuration and create a new one under another Configuration.  Nor have I found the (Blind) Flange Length to be configurable, so suppress&create here too.


Do I miss some skills here, are those feature parameters directly configurable, somehow?  Anyone knows better practices?


NOW the strange thing: trying to set the Flange Length by means of already existing Global Variable (assigning the value by "=" and pick).  All fine.  BUT ONLY ONCE, when the feature is created.  The globe appears and desired value toggles with desired GV name.  Then, (inevitably) comes the need to change the flange lenght.  Both in LEFT and RIGHT, of course.  And they both shall share the same length, of course (mirror twins shall they remain).  Well, go to Equations Manager and set the value.   Tick "All configurations".  The check other Confs.  Variable evaluations look all good, in all Confs.  Looks nice.


But, part model does not reflect the desired changes.  The other conf may, the other not.  Under same conf, one flange may, another not.  Looks entirely stocastic.  When looking at Edge Flange features, the evaluated numeric value keeps stubbornly the same, regardless to value assigned in EqM to GV.  EqM evaluation looks what it should be, but this will never be realized in the model level.


Has anyone experinenced this?


Should I change practices when sharing parameters?  Abandon crappy Configurations and GVs and go back to hard work with PIP (Parameters In Paper)?  But not Design Tables, please.  Excel 365 cloud thing makes more problems than it solves...