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    "Do you want to save?" Messages

    Mark Gibson
      Hi All,

      I work in the User Experience group at SolidWorks, and at the moment I'm doing some research about save messages that pop up when closing SolidWorks.

      You might have noticed that when saving or closing SolidWorks with multiple documents open (or one assembly, if you edited a number of parts), the system will sometimes show a number of messages asking you to save the various documents. If there are many of them, you end up clicking a lot of message boxes.

      I'm looking into what (if anything) we might do about this. You might be thinking "just put them all in one dialog, dummy!" but it turns out that it's a little trickier than that.

      Anyway, if you'd like to help with this, please let me know at mgibson at solidworks dot com. Total time commitment for this should be less than 1/2 hour.

        • "Do you want to save?
          Devon Sowell
          Hi Mark-

          In that situation, I use "Save All". Yes, maybe I'm Saving a file that hasn't been changed, but so what?

            • "Do you want to save?
              Devon Sowell
              Hello Mark-

              Have you ever notice that SolidWorks files Open faster when the Parent file and it's Children Open faster when they have the same time stamp?

              Try this, using the Task Scheduler, Update Associated Files of a large Assembly or Drawing File.

              Now Open the Top Level file, see how fast it Opens? Interesting!

              Perhaps another reason to use Save All?

              Thanks for asking for feedback.
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                  Steve Calvert
                  Mark, I work in the PDM (Smarteam) world and I'm sure things are different when not using a PDM susyem. I, also, tend to save often, so changes made at the part level are usually saved when I make them. I tend to loose less when I use this approach...

                  I would love to help out if you need someone using Smarteam.