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Switching from Standalone License to Network License

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2019 by Mike Brainard

My company has 4 SW users, 3 onsite and 1 offsite, all with Standalone Licenses.

The 3 onsite users have SW Professional.

The offsite user has SW Premium and SW Flow Simulation, and will be getting SW Composer soon.

The company is considering going to Network Licenses because our VAR said we would be able to "check out" the different add-ins like books from a library.

So any one of the users could use Flow Sim or Composer, as long as no one else had it checked out. That sounds awesome! But... too awesome?



Are there any downsides to switching from Standalone Licenses to Network Licenses? Has anyone experienced any pitfalls or problems?

Has anyone actually done this recently? Was it difficult? How long was the down-time before the licenses were usable?


What happens if the network goes down? Does that make SW not function?

Sometimes my network connection on my PC goes bad and I lose my network folders for 2-10 minutes. Will that be a problem for SW functionality?

Will the SW network stuff take up networking (I won't pretend to know how networks and processing power work. I am an ME, not EE or CE.)


Do network licenses require internet access?


How does Network Licensing affect the home/laptop/mobile seat? Will we still have that possibility?

I read in a thread that SW de/reactivation changed in 2018 to an online?? Does that affect anything??


Thanks in advance for your input, knowledge, and advice!