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Estimating a cost in PDM for parts and sub-assemblies maybe thru a api not using SolidWorks Costing operation

Question asked by Patrick Ellis on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2019 by Ants Palgi

Need help please,


This will not be a part of the SolidWorks Costing operation in SolidWorks. This will be a standalone operation we are doing per our company only. We are trying to figure out a way to assign an estimated cost per part (to be typed in) and a total cost for the Assemble (that will calculate the parts/Sub-assemblies) thru the data card in PDM. Again just an estimated cost only. So if an engineer makes a part and save’s it into PDM and the data card pulls up he/she will place an estimated cost in a field just for that part or assembly that is saved in PDM. Then when we have a main assembly saved in to PDM the Data Card would read the estimated cost from all of the parts and sub-assemblies that’s in that main assembly and it would give us a completed estimate cost for that hole assembly. Again all we are trying to do is get an estimated cost for a complete assembly’s that show's up in PDM. Not thru the SolidWorks Costing operation that is in SolidWorks. Yes, this is not the way we need to do this but this give a estimate we can start with. In the near future we will be using the costing thru SolidWorks but for now we just want to put a cost on the parts/sub-assembly close enough for prototyping only.


Note: I do know that I will have to write a API for this to calculate the total for all parts and sub-assembly's that are in the main assembly.


Here is what I have started with.

Any idea’s or help is appreciated


(Again I know this shouldn't be done this way but this is what they want for photo typing for now)