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Bend Allowance calculation

Question asked by 1-G1I2G8 on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2011 by Bernie Daraz
I was wondering if anyone could help on my problem.
I have problem on using SW bend Allowance, the total length from SW calculation is always different with the total length from manufacture calculation.
The manufacuter use DRC (Dynamic Research Corporation) Machine to bend the sheet and use the following calculation;
Total length = (A+B) - (2 BA)(No 90o Bend)
A= length from edge sheet to outside edge bend
B= Length from outside edge bend to the other edge of the sheet

Currently I have to enter manual bend deduction to match the result from the manufacture.
By the way, I have the guide "DRC Automatic Back Guage System Bend Allowance" from manufacture and I could attached it if needed