Joel Gilbert

Solidworks World "EDC" Tips (Every Day Carry)

Discussion created by Joel Gilbert on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Rick McDonald

This discussion got started and hijacked another thread, but I would be interested in the opinions and experience of SWW veterans.


Here's my list to start with:

  • Backback, mostly empty to start off
  • Pens
  • RocketBook Wave for taking notes (scans to cloud drive and can be erased if I run out of pages)
  • USB Drives (in the past I've brought a USB drive with a large assembly to load onto demo workstations and check performance, haven't gotten my hand slapped...yet)
  • Battery pack for keeping phone charged (I was gifted one of the larger ones that can recharge my phone 3 full times on one charge)
  • USB cable and wall adapter for emergency backup
  • Glasses-cleaning wipes
  • Hand sanitizer