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Configure Component missing from toolbar icon customization?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by David Beard

I tried finding Configure Component in the cryptic and mysteriously unsearchable categorized Customize window, to add it to the Assembly Shortcuts toolbar. Of course I did not find it. It's a dense visual cluster of icon associations. Admittedly, most times in the process, I forget which icon I'm even looking for from variety overload. It has been suggested (TTL link today only!) that this and many other content-dense areas should have searchable interfaces.


What I normally do when I can't find something in Customize, which is nearly every time, is to search for the command. I put in Configure Component to the search command window, and no results are found.


Is this command exclusively available from RMB menu? Not in drop down menus, not in Assembly ribbon, not in toolbars, and not in shortcut bars?


It seems like I have asked questions like this before. Is there some list somewhere of each and every command in existence, with contextual or absolute default availability or lack thereof? That way, I could maybe use a 3rd party resource list to cross-reference and accomplish this faster w/o forum interaction.