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    Robot Simulator: Components Transformed Error, when mated with other objects and transformed by SetTransformAndSolve2()

    Damon Su

      Hi guys,


      I tried to do this:

      Component A is transformed by "SetTransformAndSolve2" function,

      Component B is mated with A

      when I try to move A to a new position by the api method, sometime the position of B can be updated successfully, and sometime not, like this:



      robsim issue 2 - YouTube

      robsim issue - YouTube

      Each link of the robot is moved by the  "SetTransformAndSolve2" function, and the sub-assembly of the robot is set to be flexible (component properties->solve as->flexible). The tool is mated to the end link of the robot.


      others:  RobSim SW Addin - YouTube


      In the api help doc,  there is a description about the "SetTransformAndSolve2 Method":


      "Transforming an object using this method can cause SOLIDWORKS to transform other mated or constrained objects."


      But something is wrong in my test.