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Robot Simulator: Components Transformed Error, when mated with other objects and transformed by SetTransformAndSolve2()

Question asked by Damon Su on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Damon Su

Hi guys,


I tried to do this:

Component A is transformed by "SetTransformAndSolve2" function,

Component B is mated with A

when I try to move A to a new position by the api method, sometime the position of B can be updated successfully, and sometime not, like this:



robsim issue 2 - YouTube

robsim issue - YouTube

Each link of the robot is moved by the  "SetTransformAndSolve2" function, and the sub-assembly of the robot is set to be flexible (component properties->solve as->flexible). The tool is mated to the end link of the robot.


others:  RobSim SW Addin - YouTube


In the api help doc,  there is a description about the "SetTransformAndSolve2 Method":


"Transforming an object using this method can cause SOLIDWORKS to transform other mated or constrained objects."


But something is wrong in my test.