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High performance Computer for SW 2019

Question asked by Jose Carlos Mundo on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Richard Gergely


Sorry by my english language, I know is very poor, buy I think that writting in english you´ll can understand me better.

I want to buy one computer to run assemblies with more than 10.000 parts. and I´ld like move them.

I have seen HP and Dell computer.



1 Tb hard disk M.2

nVIDIA P4000 8Gb


Xeon processors or Core i7 / i9 processors

"Gold series" like Intel Xeon 6128 3.4 2666MHz 6C CPU ?

Intel Core i9 7900X 3.3 2666MHz 13.75 10C CPU ?


My big question is whether it is recommended to buy xeon processors or with i7 / i8 processors is more than enough.

64 Gb is enough too, or 128 is better?


Thanks a lot !!