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Simulation results in PDM

Question asked by Martin Solem on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by Ken Lux

Hi all,


I would like to know how everyone is handling their Simulation results in PDM.

In my mind, and i know i'm not alone, since i store my models in PDM, and i want/need to store my simluation (.CWR) result in PDM, it's logic to choose the model/project folder in PDM as Results folder?

So when simulation is run, there are many files created, but most are deleted after simulation has finished. I'm left with these:

And after i close the model, i'm stuck with these:


What S-042908 tells me are important files to keep, are the model files and the .CWR file.

What about the others, should i make rules to automatically add them to PDM, and check them in? Should i manually delete them?

Should i make PDM "Show only files that are part of the vault" and forget about the others? (In a certain scenario that doesn't work... i won't go into details, but it just doesn't so i would rather not use that option)


I have read articles and blogs and watched videos, but they all seem to only be a part of the same solution and the solution is partial.

And how can i make it not create that annoying local folder? The folder is empty.


So, how do you do it forum?

Thanks in advance for your input.