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[Updated] Utility to [automatically] reverse mouse wheel direction (for programs w/o this option)

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Jan 29, 2019
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UPDATE 01/30/2019:

Added "Reverse Mouse Wheel V2.exe".

Same as original "Reverse Mouse Wheel.exe" except it automatically reverses the mouse wheel rotation when the desired program is active.

For any other program, this utitlity does not function.

This happens without operator input.

You can leave this utility running. The desired program doesn't have to be running while this utility runs, but when it is and active, the reversal happens.

Activate a different window, the reversal stops.


First you must provide the exe name of the program that needs mouse reversal.

Since this isn't always readily apparent, in the V2 zip file is "DisplayExeName.exe".

Run this and this intro dialog displays:

As it says, make the desired program active and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E.

The EXE name is displayed and also stored in the Clipboard:

Also in the V2 zip file is "Reverse Mouse Wheel V2.txt".

Edit this file and paste in the EXE name (as the only line and data in this file).

Save and close this text file.

Start "Reverse Mouse Wheel V2.exe" and you'll see an intro dialog with the EXE name the reversal works on:

If this isn't the desired program, repeat the above (or edit the text file directly).

That's it.




UPDATE 01/30/2019:

Added "Reverse Mouse Wheel-W.exe"

Same as original "Reverse Mouse Wheel.exe" except I added an enable/disable toggle by pressing Shift+Windows key+W.

An intro dialog is displayed on startup:


Utility starts enabled, so the first press of Shift+Windows key+W disables the reversal and this dialog informs you:

This key combination is a toggle, so press again to enable:




To help out with this post: Visualize reverse mouse wheel , attached is a utility that reverses the mouse wheel direction.


While active, it intercepts wheel down and substitutes a wheel up and vice-versa.


It can be used to reverse the mouse wheel for programs that don't offer this option (as suggested in the post above).

But since it can be suspended (without exiting the utility), this utility can act as a (fairly) ready reversing toggle.


While running, there's a green "H" icon in the lower right corner of your TV and hovering over it displays the utility's file name:


Right-click the green H and select "Suspend" to disable the wheel reversal (without exiting the utility).

While suspended, the green H icon is a green S (Suspend will check in the menu):


Nothing to install. Nothing is installed. No reg edits made or anything else.

Copy exe to a folder and run it.

To uninstall, delete the exe.


I hope this helps.