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Exporting reference geometries from assembly?

Question asked by Mitch Patrie on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Mitch Patrie
Greetings -

I have an assembly, consisting of a hydraulic component (one part) with several hydraulic fittings installed on it (each fitting is another part). Each hydraulic fitting has its own axis and base plane.

I want to create a hydraulic hose that connects two of the fittings on this assembly. The two fittings are not coplanar - that is, their axes are skew relative to each other.

Instead of writing down a list of measurements/3D locations of these fittings in the assembly, is there a way to export their reference geometries (as located in the assembly) to a part file, where I can then use them to create the hose?

I had the Solidworks Essentials course, and I don't believe they covered this. I can't find it in the class manual, and after browsing the Solidworks menus and helpfile for a bit - as well as this forum - I couldn't find anything obvious (I'm not even sure what my search terms should be).

Thanks for any help...