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Patterning assembly-level cuts fails if it is propogated to manually selected parts

Question asked by Ken Lux on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Fernando Castellanos

SW 2017 SP5.0


  1. Take a top-level assembly
  2. Create a sketch at the assembly level.
  3. Select Assembly Features->Extruded Cut
  4. Select the sketch created above
  5. Select propagate features to parts
  6. Uncheck auto-select
  7. Select the parts you want to propagate the cut to
  8. Click on the check mark - cut shows up in assembly and parts
  9. Select Assembly Features -> Linear Pattern
  10. Select Assembly-level extruded cut
  11. Set linear pattern properties
  12. Note that preview shows pattern of sketch on the sketch plane for the assembly-level extruded cut, but only shows parts being cut in the seed position
  13. Click on the check mark
  14. Notice how the cut is not patterned.
  15. Go back and do not propagate feature to part
  16. Notice how the cut is now pattered in the assembly, but not in the part.
  17. Wonder why this can't be done.
  18. Find other bugs in all other work arounds tried.
  19. Wonder why SW 2017 has more bugs than SW 2008. Did they lose or decline to license a key piece of the software that they thought that they could duplicate themselves but couldn't?