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Assembly-sketch dimensions linked to global variables or other dimensions don't update without manually editing dimension

Question asked by Ken Lux on Jan 28, 2019

Hi All,


Using SW 2017 SP5.0


I have an assembly that uses a linear component pattern and assembly-level extruded cuts that I want to be based on the patterned component (a series of extruded cuts into a block of insulation). Since, for some unknown reason, I can't create a linear component pattern of the assembly-level extruded cuts if the cut is propagated to manually selected components, I use sketches with linear sketch patterns. So far, so good.


Then I want to make 2 configurations. 1 where the linear component pattern has 6 instances and one where it has 2 instances. So I created top-level assembly global variables (SubAssemblySpacing, SubAssemblyNumber, and MirrorPlanePosition). SubAssemblySpacing stays constant between the two configs. SubAssemblyNumber is either 2 or 6, and MirrorPlanePosition = "SubAssemblySpacing" * ("SubAssemblyNumber" / 2) that is used to define the position of a plane about which to mirror components that sandwich the linear component pattern. I go back to the sketches for the assembly-level extruded cuts and dimension the linear sketch pattern (both number and spacing) with "SubAssemblyNumber" and "SubAssemblySpacing". So far, so good.


However, when I switch between configurations, the global variables update properly, the mirror plane and mirrored components are in the correct place, but the sketches for the assembly-level extruded cuts do not update. If I edit one of these sketches, I see the number dimension is from the previous configuration. If I double-click on the number dimension that was set to SubAssemblyNumber, it immediately updates to the correct value. When I exit the sketch, it is now correct. The problem is now why aren't all these dimensions updating automatically? If someone else tries to use the model, they may not know that SW doesn't know how to update the sketch dimensions.


I also tested this by using direct references to the variables in the linear component pattern, e.g., "=D1@LocalPattern4 "


Same issue.


CTRL-Q does nothing.


Is there any solution to this issue? I've seen some say it was fixed in SW 2017. I've seen some say it isn't a problem at all.


Is there a way to force SW to automatically evaluate formulae in sketch dimensions on a rebuild?