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Solidworks 2019 CAM Error 105

Question asked by Jackson Wiebe on Jan 28, 2019

I'm trying to generate a  3 axis toolpath for a simple 3D surface using Solidworks 2019 CAM.


The process I've used is as follows:

1. Choose 3axis Milling Machine, Set up Stock in the Stock Manager, Choose my work Coordinate System

2. Create a new Mill Setup, choosing the XY Plane as the associated entity.

3. Create a new multi-surface feature for that setup, Feature Type -> All Displayed, Strategy -> Area Clearance, Z Level

4. Generate Operation Plan for the Multi-Surface Feature which makes an Area Clearance Mill OP and a Z Level Mill OP

5. Generate Toolpaths for the above Mill Operations which results in an Error 105 for the Area Clearance OP: "Error 105: 3 Axis toolpath not generated because of an internal error."


It will generate the mill operation for area clearance but fails on the ZLevel operation.


I have gotten it to work before but doesnt seem very reliable. It would be nice if error 105 was more specific.


This is also the same issue found here:

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