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Thin Disk Deflection

Question asked by Jordan Truitt on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Jordan Truitt

I'm having difficulty simulating the deflection of a thin disk. The actual phenomenon has a nonlinear relationship with edge displacement and looks like this,


I'm using a 5 degree slice of the disk with a symmetry constraint with fixed constraint on the inner diameter. OD = 24.4mm, load line diameter of interest is actually 23mm, ID = 10mm, thickness = 0.150mm, modulus of elasticy = 210 GPa. I made the mesh 3 elements thick, I've done 5 but it didn't seem to matter. I'm running the study as nonlinear as well. The force-deflection is completely linear though and doesn't match experimental at all.



Am I overlooking something? This should have some kind of geometric nonlinearity that increases stiffness correct?


Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you