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Surely SolidWorks Can Handle This Common Task, Can't It?

Question asked by Ramon Herrera on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Paul Wyndham

My real job is software development and I dabble on 2D design apps. This is a very common issue: You have a bigger "module", "part", "videoclip" or "chapter" and you need to break it down into constituent sub-parts. The Divide and Conquer Rule applies here.


The Coca-Cola vending machine seen below is a replica of a historic one. It was located in the 2nd. Floor Lunch Room in the Texas School Depository at Dealey Plaza, Dallas in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was found by a Dallas Police Officer within seconds/minutes of the shooting calmly drinking a Coca-Cola. The scene has been replicated in movies and 3D models, but never at the level of detail that my project demands.


From the movie "JFK" by Oliver Stone:


JFK 1991 Warner Brothers.png

Simulation of Unknown Origin:




This one I rejected, have much better models:

Proposed but Rejected.jpg


In Freelancer, I hired a worker with SolidWorks expertise who has done several related models for my project (which is Free Open Source, BTW. Feel free to grab anything from the project's webserver below). I keep on telling them: "Break down the models in as many SLDPRT files as possible. Assume that this is done for manufacturing". I am interested in attracting the SolidWorks practitioners and aficionados. I want the door to be broken down in 3 parts (at least, maybe more later), and he tells me that it is impossible. He would have to start from scratch. (!!??)


Multiple SLDPRTs.png


I replied: "If software engineers, 2D designers, Excel and Word users, etc. were subjected to that limitation, the high-tech and whole world would be behind by at least a decade"


The files are here:




-Ramon F Herrera

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