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My macro to deselect sub assembly

Discussion created by Madson Germano on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

I'd like to share a little macro I've made today with a very basic functionality that SW seems to lack (if doesn't, please tell me how to activate it) and might be useful to some of you

It's a very simple event listener which, when you have multiple components selected and Ctrl+Click an entity, deselects the upper level sub assembly to which that entity belongs


For example:

I usually works "layouting" machines and each machine is a sub assembly with a few virtual parts

If I do area select a few of them and Ctrl+click any component entity, I'll just add that entity to the scope of selection

But with the macro running, if I do the same, the sub assembly is deselected:



Might be a silly function when the feature tree has few components, but will make a difference in my daily work, for my assemblies has thousands.