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Template Issues and External BOM Generation

Question asked by Matthew Dowling on Jan 25, 2019

Vault Before:

I have recently come into possession of multiple vaults. Multiple vaults you say? Yes, this company was lead down a path to believe that having a vault for each project (while connecting parts between the vaults... I am sure most of you can see where this is going). In each of these vaults, there was different BOM creation processes. So after the vaults continually shut down for no reason, they decided to ask me what could be happening. This is month two and I seem to have made great progress but there are some things I am trying to understand what could be happening.


Vault Now:

I have recently completed all workflows. I have all actions being ran perfectly. The problem I have is 90 percent of the former dispatch scripts cause the PDM vault to shut down every time they are accessed.  My thought process is keep it simple, keep the old items in a legacy workflow with little changes made. To also remove the dispatch tool.


Template Issues:

So there have been multiple issues that have come up. It seems to stem from the old drawing templates that were brought over. I have went through multiple 'fixes' even updating the .dll file. All issues even happens on desktops and file shares.

  1. The watermark on a drawing, even on a non-printable layer, is still printing. We have dug into this issue, trying to come up with workarounds. I just cannot seem to get it to work correctly, besides deleting the watermark all together.
  2. Variables are disappearing. When placing the old templates in the new vault, the variables would delete. I went in and removed the custom property, when saved (not checked in) the property would repopulate. The only fix I found was deleting the "pdmsheet" attribute from the individual variables.


We have tried updating to a new sheet format, it did not work.



So from the previous story (see above), there were seven different ways to create an external BOM thought dispatch scripts, or C++ programming. I do not want to go over all of that, just know I am open to starting the idea process, over.

My question is how does everyone make their external BOM with no dispatch tool? I have the xml being generated, I am hoping to make it more of a process into a proper excel format but I believe we would need to do that with dispatch.


Any suggestions on either topic would be really appreciated.