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Reproducing feature sizes on different faces - TRAP FOR UNWARY!!!!

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jan 25, 2019
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Feature on one face

Reproducing same feature on another face hat is not parallel...

Note =11, I have picked the edge on my previous feature and made the sketch line equal length, but I dont get the equal length I get the original length projected onto the inclined face, which isn't what I was expecting and is not intuitive in my opinion.

I just got samples of my molding and the toolmaker followed my STEP file and on my drawing I had only dimensioned the feature on the square face and not the angled face, it being implied to be the same.


Solidworks should forbid using this equal length constraint when source and target are not parallel, or provide a warning that you will not get an equal length, or better still allow a choice of actual equal length or projected equal length. Some features can be made to match using this functionality but not this one.


So it would seem the only way to get this to work correctly would be to setup a formula to use the dimension from the first sketch, or setup a global variable to drive both.