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Suggestions Please:  Clone Vault - Copy Partial Archive?

Question asked by Tom Higgins on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Joy Garon

Hi all,


PDM Pro 2016 SP5.  I'm finishing up creating a test copy of an existing production vault per "S-070753".  I'm just about to do the restore from a full backup from the Prod server to my lower level server.  The Dev/Test servers are completely separate from the production servers and I have both a db and archive server for this lower level environment.


The Production Archive is significant and I don't want to copy the full archive from my prod server to the dev server due to time/cost and I don't need the whole thing.


What is the best/easiest/fastest (all that good stuff) to get a partial copy of the prod archive into the vault on the clone Dev/Test? I want at least one significant assembly and maybe a few drawings from Prod onto Dev/Test for some performance testing (the Dev/Test is on AWS cloud.)


What suggestions to get a full assembly from Prod to Dev/Text that I can use for check-out & check-in performance testing from SolidWorks?


Thank you,