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    anyone using Moi?

    Neil Larsen
      Is anyone making use of Moi for surfacing work? ID stuff? and in conjunction with SW

      I downloaded a trial and some doodles I made and saved as .3dm, .ai and .igs seemed to import very well...

      apparently v2 will be out soon - I was considering purchasing it for conceptual purposes
      There is something charming about the shapes it makes I think and it seems like a nice program to use but maybe a little limited ATM.

      Any thoughts appreciated

      BTW If anyone is using Free Dimension would like to hear as well - it seems to have died out judging by their website and forum
        • anyone using Moi?
          Leonardo Sanchez
          Of course its limited.
          - But then as a SW-user what have you got to loose ?
          You can allways take the base shape into SW and continue.
          Also SW makes it rather easy to update a 3dm file.
          ( you do have to repair downstream features ).

          If you like what MOI does then go for it .
          The main charm for concepting probably lies in quick 3D sketching
          - without setting up planes etc.

          If you get used to this way of surfacing - you may start to long for something
          more capable.
          Especially higher order splines and surfaces come to mind.
            • anyone using Moi?
              Neil Larsen
              well I removed the trial today

              it was too limiting...esp lofts options and lack of variable fillets.. and believe it or not the interface began to annoy me..

              it wasnt what I was looking for...

              maybe in the future ...v3-4.. but then it is getting $$ for a conceptual tool..