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Filter Non-Contact Faces for Real Wall Boundary Conditions

Question asked by Bartley Cai on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Bill McEachern



I am simulating the flow of air through a diffuser to gain insight into how the air diffuser will perform in a room. I would of course have to set boundary conditions for real walls for the faces on the diffuser. However, the diffuser model geometry I have is a little complex and I don't want to have to manually click every face exposed to the fluid.


I noticed that there is an option to filter and remove faces based upon if they are out of the computational domain, in contact with the fluid, etc. but I did not find an option to filter and remove faces that are NOT in contact with the fluid. If I wanted to simulate how 6 of these diffusers would perform in a room, I don't want to spend hours manually clicking for every face there is.


I was hoping that I could simply Ctrl + A and use such a filter option, but because there isn't, every face possible, internal and external faces of a solid are selected. And if I try to go through with the Real Wall condition, Solidworks throws me the message that Face #xxx is not in contact with the fluid. Going through the list and manually deleting each face would take even longer than actually clicking the faces.


I am sure there is an easier workaround to this.


Thank you for your help.