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Copy with base point?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by David Matula

I admit coming from years of experience with AutoCruD before learning, adapting to, and adopting SWx. It is very infrequent that I seek archaic functionality in a better tool. This is one case.


ACAD has the COPYBASE command, aka Copy with Base Point. It accepts the selected objects, then asks for a point from which to copy. Then, the selection can be pasted elsewhere, including other documents, by selecting the relative base point upon which to insert the copied items.


I do not miss tool this very much in sketches, parts, or assemblies. It is primarily in drawings where I end up missing this functionality.

I would like to place objects on drawing sheets, in the very same position across chosen sheets. This would be a leaderless text annotation or a block. My desire is that it appears in the same location on every sheet, so that when a user scrolls through exported PDF pages as fit full page to window view, the entity appears to stay put across pages and does not appear to jump and jostle slightly with each page down.


I understand how to create this upon initial design, by completing the first sheet and then copying it to new sheets to create subsequent sheets which contain the same entities in the same place. If I know that I want it to stay put, I'll lock it in place before copying.


Then it gets revised. New markups get requested, one portion of the content expands to crowd out another entity which needs placed elsewhere on the sheet, indications which were previously not present are requested to be added on each sheet, or whatever may be the case where I want to make a change consistently to each sheet in the same manner to the same location.


W@ #1

I do know how to remove the item from the sheet, place it upon the sheet format, save that sheet format, and apply saved sheet format to subsequent pages. That is one workaround, which I find troublesome and specifically capable of destroying intentional differences in sheet formats between sheets in a document. This workaround would be entirely unnecessary if there was only a Copy with Base Point option available to carry across items between sheets identically.


W@ #2?

Another consideration that I have not tried is to create a new block from whatever entities I wish to reproduce, which includes a reference Point to be used as its new insertion point, and then attach it to an anchor in the sheet, such as the existing BOM Anchor in my template. If I did not want it to remain as a unified block, I could always explode it and lock the entities in place as needed. Is this a doable process in SWx? Would it be helpful if I placed additional reference Points in each corner of my drawing border, from which to copy and/or which to copy to? Is it even possible to relate objects (other than Tables) which exist on a Sheet, to reference points or anchor points within the Sheet Format, without inserting them into that Sheet Format?


I am open to suggestions, and will end up doing what best suits my purposes anyway. Thanks for the advice.