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Weldment inserting via API - sketch error

Question asked by Kamil Bojdol on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Kamil Bojdol


I have a strange issue. Sometimes when I am inserting weldment via API (InsertStructuralWeldment5 call). Solidworks is making it's error sound and no weldment operation appears. I have made further investigation and for a short moment there is visible imported sketch of weldment, which is really buggy. You can see it in two pictures.

On left picture in the middle there are my guiding lines for beams, and this big thing around is some strange sketch that seems to have wrongly calculated constraints. On picture you can see it zoomed in. Looks like there are some problems with tangent constraints.


For comparison on next picture you see actual sketch in our weldment library which I am using for creating this beam.


Is it known issue?

What can I do to avoid problems like this?

Is it a API problem or weldments problem, not sure as it never happend to me when inserting weldments manually.