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Solidworks Cam 2019, How do I add Parameters to "Part Setup Parameters, Posting tab"

Question asked by Patrick Preuss on Jan 24, 2019
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I have some custom needs for my post processor that I should be able to accomplish using the "Posting" tab on the Part Setup Parameters dialog. I'd like the post to output some variables identified in each setup that work the same way we program currently. For instance, on a setup I need to output: Number of Indexes, and Number of Parts Per Index, as parameters. The documentation for Camworks is horrendous and is basically only an index of current commands/ attributes. I have edited my own posts across several CAM software packages in the past and accomplished this very thing.


I am using UPG and EC Edit to modify the posts. I have been successful at defining things like "[" and "]" characters in the .LIB file, which I need for macro-b equations.


I suspect I need to define an attribute in the master.atr file, something like:




:ATTRID=17506 (or next available id number)



Then make sure the HIGH_ID=17506 (or next available id number) is changed at the top of the master.atr file.


The .LIB file would then need some input similar. and the .SRC file would use that to post something like:





But I'm missing a lot of pieces to get this to add parameters and pull values from the Part Setup Parameters, Posting tab.


In Delcam I had to deal with the parameters being labeled P1, and P2, but I was able to use it. I couldn't call them by any other name.


Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, but I assume I need to edit master.atr, mill.LIB, my_post.SCR, and my_post.LIB in order to accomplish this. I just do not have any examples of adding a custom setup parameter, nor is it documented well. I have found a lot of crossover between camworks and solidworks cam to get tool f&s, and size parameters.


Any hints would be appreciated.solidworkscam_postingtab.png