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best practice: weldments hole patterns and detailing/shop drawings?

Question asked by Jordan Gibson on Jan 24, 2019
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Hi there!


Apologies for a (most likely) elementary question - I have been playing with weldments to save some time and its worked great (thanks again for everyones help on my last question). However now I'm at the stage where I need to start putting holes in my pieces and then make shop drawings out of them.


Previously I did everything in individual parts -> Shop drawings


Now I have this single part with some 106 weldments, is it better to do all my "drilling" in the weldments or first make it into an assembly? (I believe I can use split to make it into an assembly)


My only concern is If a part can be used elsewhere Id prefer to not have multiple shop drawings for the same part which I know I will probably have due to simple repeating parts like splice blocks.


Any help is appreciated.