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Sheet Metal Tabs added at each end of bend lines

Question asked by Arnt Wiebicke on Mar 22, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Anna Wood
Hey Guys,

We are getting our sheet metal parts cut by a vendor who uses a water cutter. In order to tell the machinest exactly where to bend the plates we are adding tabs at each end of the bend line. With these very small tabs the machinist can now line up the sheet metal under the stamping die, knowing exactly where to bend the plate. These tabs however are currently added via a tedious process. I could model them for every sheet metal part i have but want a fast process where i can just add these tabs to all bend lines. I have tried to develop a library feature but it gets screwed up when i add it to the opposite side of the bend line. Anyone have an idea how to make a library feature for this process work properly?

The current tedious work process:
1. Draw a circle of 1.5mm diameter at the endpoint of the bend line.
2. Extend bend line to the circle
3. Draw a line from the intersection point of the extended bend line/circle to the sheet metal edge/circle intersection point.
4. Repeat step 3 above for the other intersection point.
5. Cut existing sketch to create a triangle.
6. Extrud this triangle to create the support tab for bending.

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