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Copy properties form viewed part in drawing.

Question asked by Jaroslaw Guz on Jan 23, 2019

I have try to develop macro in VBA to get properties from part shown in first view in drawing. I can get it from custom properties but i have roblems to get htem from configuration shown in this view. I am using SW2018 please advice with solution but it has to be for drawing/firstview/part/part configuration/..... lets say Description, Number, Revision. Any help will make my life easier. I get stuck with

lRetVal = cusPropMgr.Add3("Description", swCustomInfoType_e.swCustomInfoText, "Jarek opis", swCustomPropertyAddOption_e.swCustomPropertyDeleteAndAdd)

lRetVal = cusPropMgr.Get6("Description", True, valout, Title, wasResolved, LinkToProperty)

but those get properties from part.